Bolt / Container Seal

Bolt / Container Seal

Made of supreme quality polystryrene and carbonized steel material having utmost durability. Resistant to any breaching by spinning of female or male part. Available in various colors and customization as per customer need.


  • Plastic: Polystryrene
  • Metal: Carbonized Steel

Available Colors


  • Anti - Spin Technology
  • Robust Design
  • High Quality Row Materials
  • No Tool Required for Locking
  • Customisation Possible

Numbering & Customisation

Laser Marking
Sequential Numbering
Barcode / QR Code
Client logo Printing or Embossing on Request


White, yellow, Red, Green, Orange are our routine colors, can be customized as per your need.

Yes, it is possible as per customer requirement.

Yes, minimum order quantity of 5000 nos.

Yes, it is designed with two different parts. It is one time use seal, which cannot be opened. The only way to open it is to cut the same with bolt cutter.

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