Twist Type Meter Seal

Twist Type Meter Seal

Made from supreme quality polypropylene material mainly used in gas and water meters, electric meters etc. The outer part of the seal is fully transparent which is helpful to review the locking mechanism. This seal features one-way ratchet mechanism which is tamper resistant and helps in preventing the wire being backed out.



Available Colors

Red - Yellow - Blue - Green - White - Black


Galvanised sealing wire
Easy applicability

Numbering & Customisation

Laser Marking
Barcode Possibility
Sequential Numbering


White, yellow, Red, Green, Orange are our routine colors, can be customized as per your need.

Yes, our seal can tolerate even under extreme weather conditions.

Yes, we can mark any data on the seal as per customer requirement.

Yes, minimum order quantity of 5000 nos.

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